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ARASHI, all day everyday. Dreamer. Student by day, dreamer by night. AP student. Faith keeps me motivated. Maintain my cool. chill&laidback. PROUD SHHS HUSKIE! Independent. Striver. Ambitiousness. I can count the number of people I trust in one hand. Create. Mind over matter. Ideological mentality. I crave wisdom and thirst for knowledge. Hip Hop junkie. Vocabulary perfectionist. Hypocrite. Blunt. Aberrant. FAMLAY ♥ Mental capability dominates physicality, any day. soul travelin. I blog religiously and tweet sporadically. Established my own mindset. Never give up, never back down. I don't tolerate inane stupidity. More substance than your average girl. On the daily I strive to top the person I was the day before. Got my feet planted on the ground but my soul's far from that. I embrace this beautiful struggle called life.